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Believe in yourself and embrace change to reach your full potential and achieve greatness. Take courage and step out of your comfort zone, letting go of the fear of failure. Every day is a chance to start afresh and flourish. Make a difference in this world and unlock your dreams!

Realising Your Full Potential

Unlock your inherent strengths and reshape your future with Equilibrium Coaching. Let’s create a life aligned with your values and goals, ensuring joy, fulfillment, and happiness.

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Changing the Narrative

Each individual accumulates a wealth of life experiences spanning from remarkably positive, beneficial, and inspiring moments to profoundly distressing, traumatic, and agonizing events.

Our transformative services at Equilibrium are meticulously crafted to equip you with essential tools and guidance necessary for self-empowerment. By identifying your innate strengths and conquering life’s hurdles, our collaborative Narrative approach serves as a compass, steering you through challenges toward your aspirations. We’re dedicated to assisting you in not just transforming but thriving as you achieve Equilibrium in all facets of life. Let us walk alongside you, unlocking your fullest potential and reshaping the narrative of your life journey.

Founder and Director

Chris Albany

Chris, a vibrant and energetic individual, thrives on challenges and adeptly applies his natural talents—leveraging the 16 Personality Types, Clifton Leadership Strengths, and Belbin Team Roles—to boost productivity for individuals, couples, and business teams through Equilibrium Coaching. His journey began in the 1990s, fueled by a deep curiosity about human behavior. Over time, he amassed diverse skills, recognizing the enduring impact of childhood trauma at 50, which spurred his quest to help people earlier in life. With years of study and hands-on experience, Chris uncovered the inherent gifts in everyone, focusing on unleashing these talents to profoundly impact countless lives.

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